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VIRUTEX ingletadora TM33W 305mm

Artículo: VIR3300400
Ref. Fabricante: 3300400
EAN-13: 8421752089150

Portable compound miter saw with laser guide. It doubles as a small table saw thanks to its adjustable top.

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The Virutex TM33W is possibly one of the highest regarded compound miter saws, and not for nothing. Its wide range of movement, a 12-inch carbide blade, and its laser guide achieve that perfect cutting precision sought by every professional joiner.

The TM33W compound miter saw has the robust structure that characterizes professional power tools, with a tiltable top that allows you to cut on an angle and on a bevel at the same time.

This 12-inch miter saw offers the greatest cutting capacity you can find on a machine within its price range - 160 x 95 mm or 200 x 45mm with the scale and table at 0º - but that’s not its only advantage.


Precision on any angle:

The TM33W Virutex miter saw includes a precision laser guide that automatically activates when you turn on the machine. This laser guide is mounted over the blade, so beam does not change its position mid-cut.

If you prefer working without a laser guide, or if you’re using the upper table saw, you can switch that laser off.

The upper part of the TM33W consists of a table and a removable cover that lets you expose part of the blade for a table saw on the go.


Smooth cuts:

Virutex has taken care of every detail of their TM33W compound miter saw.

A gas shock absorber, a smooth starting system and a double power transmission with a ribbed drive belt ensure a quiet and bumpless functioning. As a result, your comfort and the quality of your work will improve.


Integral Safety System:

Virutex TM33W compound miter saw is equipped with a patented blade brake that stops its spinning immediately after turning the machine off, reducing risks in case of power outage.

A dust spout that you can connect to a dust collector and double insulation prevent saw-dust caused failures.


Virutex TM33W Portable Compound Miter Saw Features:

  • Cutting accuracy
  • Precision laser guide
  • Great cutting capacity
  • The saw can be tilted to one side from 0º to 45º for beveled cuts.
  • Equipped with top table – doubles as a portable table saw.
  • Integral safety system:
    • Blade brake
    • Protection against sudden acceleration
    • Protection against unintentional contact with the spinning saw
  • Dust spout 
  • Shut-Off button for an easier blade change
  • Silent gears: belt transmission with safety tension.


Virutex TM33W Compound Miter Saw with Laser Guide:

  • Double insulation
  • Input power: 1.500 W
  • Speed (before cut): 3.700 r.p.m.
  • Saw blade diameter: 300 mm
  • Weight: 20 Kg


Virutex TM33W Compound Chop Saw Cutting Capacity:

  • Cutting at 0° x 0°: 160 x 95 mm
  • Cutting to 0° x 45°: 110x95 mm
  • Cutting to 45° x 0°: 160x64 mm
  • Cutting to 45° x 45°: 75x64 mm
  • Maximum cutting capacity on the upper table: 55 mm


Standard Equipment of the Virutex TM33W Compound Miter Saw:

  • Professional carbide saw blade: Ø 300 mm, 48 Z
  • Laser guide
  • Fence guide
  • Service keys.


Optional Accessories (Not Included) for the Virutex TM33W Miter Saw:

  • 3345416 Pressers set
  • 3345470 Set of lateral handles
  • 3346388 Set of supp. cut 200 mm
  • 6446073 Standard 3.5 m dust collector attachment for upper table
  • 5800100 MT58K Portable table
  • 7246098 Metal bracket for upper table
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